Pawn Loan

  • Low interest rates, no credit checks done.
  • All evaluations are done on the vehicle.
  • The maximum amount on the loan will be given up to a third of its trade at least for the trailer, vehicle, gold or motorbike.
  • Strictly 30 days and thereafter if the client does not collect his vehicle or pay interest / renew the vehicle gets moved to a storage facility where it’s kept safe and insured for a period of 5 days at a cost of (xyz) to client.

Buy-Back Loan

  • Offered by our affiliate company – buy back loans.
  • 25% Profit Charge rate for strictly 30 days.
  • Motorcycles are not approved for loans over R12000 as we deal mostly in cars, boats, gold and diamonds on this contract.
  • The vehicle will be evaluated and the client will receive a loan of up to a third of its trade as the vehicle will be collateral against the cash loan.
  • Offer to buy back over 30 days with a 25% mark up.

Gold & Diamonds

We have two options in terms of Gold & Diamond loans namely the Pawn Loan & the Buy-back Loan