Pawn Loan

  • Low interest rates, no credit checks done.
  • All evaluations are done on the vehicle.
  • The maximum amount on the loan will be given up to a third of its trade at least for the trailer, vehicle, gold or motorbike.
  • Strictly 30 days and thereafter if the client does not collect his vehicle or pay interest / renew the vehicle gets moved to a storage facility where it’s kept safe and insured for a period of 5 days at a cost of (xyz) to client.
  • If the client wants to sell we can advance a loan on the vehicle and put the car up for sale. If it does not make the sale then the client just need to come in and pay renewal amounts (small portion loan amount: 18%) and extend the contract for another 30 days.
  • Contracts may be renewed for as long as you require the loan.
  • In order to renew, you pay the total charge on your contract.
  • Eg. On a loan of between R500 - R10 000 total charge is approximately 18% per month.